Media Coverage, 2010

May 1

Chopsticks NY

Asian Food Tradition Helps Boost Your Healthy Diet

May 1

Chopsticks NY

Showcasing Tofu as a Versatile Ingredient

Apr 30

So-Yah! Shirataki Noodles from House Foods America

Apr 29

Shirataki Noodles — Pasta Replacement, Recipes and More

Apr 28

Korea Times

New/Drinking Turmeric Energy US Debut

Apr 20

Café VegNews

Very Vegetable Curry

Apr 11

From Soybean Field to Table Tofu with Chef Lee Anne Wong

Apr 9

Chef Wong Showed Audiences How to Unlock Tofu's Potential and Versatility

Apr 6

Chef Lee Anne Wong demonstrates tofu dishes at French Culinary Institute

Apr 5

The So-Yah! Red Vindaloo Curry from House Foods

Apr 2


House Foods is preparing to launch So-Yah!, a new line of gourmet, ready-to-eat product