Check out our line of Shirataki noodles, world's BEST pasta swap! As an added bonus, they are all GLUTEN-FREE!


Smart Noodle is our latest pasta alternative with 400mg ALA Omega-3 and 6g fiber per serving!

Don't forget about our Tofu Shirataki and Shirataki products too!


Shirataki noodles are clear, traditional Japanese noodles made from Konjac or Konnyaku, an Asian yam. Its literal translation is "white waterfall" in Japanese. We make Tofu Shirataki, Traditional Shirataki, and Smart Noodle.

What are the differences of all these Shirataki noodles? Tofu Shirataki is a blend of Konjac and Tofu. Traditional Shirataki does not contain tofu, and is made only from Konjac. Smart Noodle is also made of Konjac, with added fiber and omega-3. Both Traditional Shirataki and Smart Noodle are soy-free.

For a quick tip on how to prepare Shirataki noodles click here!

All of our Shirataki noodles are:
Non-GMO Project Verified
Kosher certified
low in calories & carbs

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