So what is tofu anyway?

You know those little green edamame pods we all love snacking on? Well, tofu isn't made from those (those are little baby soybeans). But wait a while longer...

So what is tofu anyway?

Becoming Tofu

When soybeans mature out of their green phase, they can begin their life as a delicious block of tofu. The soybeans in tofu team up with anti-oxidants and these protein packed cubes have been scientifically proven to reduce the risk of cardio vascular diseases. Soybean based protein, like tofu, is one of the few plant-based proteins that contain all of the essential amino acids we need to stay healthy.

If being a complete protein isn’t enough reason for you to give tofu a try, then consider that House Foods tofu is also:

  1. Made from 100% US soybeans
  2. Non-GMO verified
  3. Gluten-free certified
  4. Kosher certified
  5. Cholesterol free, with virtually no unsaturated fats
  6. Rich in minerals (calcium and iron)
  7. Easy to prepare
  8. Tasty in a wide variety of dishes (including: sweet, spicy, savory, sour)
  9. Inexpensive
  10. Climbing the ladder of popular mainstream foods

Tofu History

Tofu is as old as the Romans, The Great Wall and the first Peruvian clay pots! It was first seen in China and the most widely accepted theory maintains that it was developed by Liu An, a Han Dynasty prince who lived in Northern China from 179 BC to 122 BC. Since then, we have switched production from Chinese royalty to modern machinery, but we think it tastes better this way!

It’s a good thing China didn’t give away their not-so-secret tofu recipe because tofu has come back in style again and again since its Asian origination. We at House Foods are happy to say that while we have mechanized our process, we have weaved within it some traditional tofu production methods.

Production Process

Soybeans Selection

To see the step by step process of our tofu production process, please see our Craft page.

For More Information on Soy

How to Choose the Right Tofu

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