The Tales of Tofu Journey Continues!

The Tales of Tofu Video Series

To help children and families eat healthier, House Foods America partnered with chef David Burtka, dad of two and the host of Celebrity Dish on the Cooking Channel, to create a new video series called The Tales of Tofu. Burtka narrates and provides the voice-over, and co-created the three kid-friendly recipes featured within.

The Tales of Tofu video series unfolds with an animated story, as little Tofu seeks adventure and entertainment on a rainy day. Viewers will see the versatility of tofu as he easily mixes up with other foods, before being shown step-by-step instructions to prepare Burtka’s recipes.

The Tales of Tofu was designed to provide education on how to cook with tofu and inspire home chefs with new ideas, while getting the whole family engaged in the process. The video series follows the success of last year’s popular children’s book of the same name from House Foods, and features the same little Tofu character.

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