How To Store Tofu

What to do with leftover tofu that you didn't cook.

How To Store Tofu

So you didn’t use all your tofu… What should you do?

  • Preserving leftover tofu that has been taken out of its original packaging is easy. Simply store the tofu in a container filled with clean and cold water in the fridge. Cook and consume leftover tofu within two or three days, but change the water in the container daily to preserve the tofu's freshness.

Can you freeze leftovers?

  • Tofu freezes but it will become spongy in texture and oftentimes changes to a darkish caramel color. Should you choose to freeze it, first drain the excess water. Then you can freeze in a plastic baggy or plastic container. To defrost, it is recommended to let thaw in the refrigerator or in the microwave on a defrost setting.
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