Delicious Tofu Always Made From High Quality Ingredients

We know the importance of wholesome products made with high quality ingredients, especially when it comes to our diet and preparing meals for the family. That’s why all of our tofu is made strictly from Non-GMO soybeans. Each batch of our soybeans is carefully examined and tested by the quality control team and if any GMO contamination is detected, the batch will be rejected. We source all of our soybeans from farms in the U.S. to guarantee such high quality.

Not only do we use 100% U.S. grown, non-GMO soybeans, we look for ones with the highest protein content as they are best for making tofu. So how does a little soybean turn into a delicious block of tofu? Take a peek inside our factory and see how America’s favorite tofu is made.

How Our Tofu is Made

Step 1

The first step is acquiring the soybeans. Once acquired, they spend the next 10-13 hours soaking in water.

Step 2

They are then ground into a slurry and heated. Solid matter and soy pulp (okara) are separated. This results in smooth and silky soymilk.

Step 3

Take that soymilk, mix it with a coagulant and you’ll get a thickened, curd-form mass. Tofu curds are then broken up and smoothed out into a cloth-lined box.

Step 4

Next, the tofu is pressed. Pressing tofu eliminates excess water, resulting in a variety of tofu textures. Increasing pressure during the pressing process makes a firmer block of tofu. Soft tofu is not pressed, but made by coagulating a thicker soymilk.

Step 5

Tofu is then cut, packaged and sealed with the House Foods label. It’s pasteurized in a boil-cool pasteurizing machine to ensure it stays fresher longer.

Step 6

Finally, the tofu is boxed up, shipped out, and ready to be placed on the shelf and enjoyed!

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